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Big or small. We make it all.

All of our projects focus on exploring and experimenting. We run customized sessions based on interest, from 30 minute project teasers to multi-day department professional development.


Find out how a herd of moose or an intrepid skier can be useful to you in any subject matter. We design custom projects you can add, one-at-a-time to your existing courses.


We love rolling up our sleeves and running our own projects with students — middle school or high school level. Pinball, dodecahedron lamps, and paper sculptures are just a few things our students can experiment with.


Science departments, investment bankers and a conference full of teachers from Maine. We have partnered with a variety of groups on both team-building and maker trainings.

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    Harvard Grad School Workshop

    Harvard Graduate School of Education students spent an afternoon experiencing authentic engagement and fully immersed themselves in a Studio project related to physics and saving a city from a villain.

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    SXSWedu Conference

    Set up in SXSWedu’s “Playground,” EXPLO Studio challenged participants to design and cut cardboard jumps, diverting Molly Mogul, famed skier, away from the mouth of a bear and into a safe ski lodge.

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    Conference Keynote: Moose on the Loose!

    The Thomas College Center for Innovation in Education (CIE) invited us to deliver an interactive keynote at their Summer Institute for Maine STEAM teachers, who wasted no time designing moose-centric cargo containers.

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    Maker Faire Booth

    Quick, build a car made of index cards and Lego axles, and steal as many pennies as possible from a bank! Hundreds of Maker Faire Boston attendees attempted this feat and tried to escape with the record amount of loot.

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    Join the Debates

    In partnership with the Commission on Presidential Debates, PBS and the National Governors Association, EXPLO’s Join the Debates initiative encourages young people to engage in civil discourse on important issues, utilizing the EXPLO Collaborative Discussion Method framework.

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    Open Leadership at MIT w/Joi Ito

    The MIT Media Lab and Mozilla hosted an invitation only Open Leadership Camp for non-profit executives who are leaders in their field. Moira Kelly, EXPLO’s president and Dave Hamilton, EXPLO’s creative director, joined with other “campers” to learn about working open.

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    Three Little Pigs Illustrations

    Not your typical day at the office as First Republic Bankers write an original Three Little Pigs story and illustrate the pages using paper cutouts and shadows.

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    SummerCollab Collaboration

    Cable Commandos. Pinball. Paper Machines. Middle school students in Wilmington, DE participate in these EXPLO-invented projects and more with SummerCollab, an organization that works to reverse summer learning loss through high-quality curriculum and staff training.

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    Work with Lightneer and CERN

    Lightneer’s soon-to-be-released app, Big Bang Legends, unlocks the mystery of particle physics for school-aged kids. We are collaborating with physicists from CERN (Geneva) to develop curriculum teachers can use to “collide” particles in their classrooms (sans CERN’s Large Hadron Collider).

“I left electrified. I couldn’t sit down. I just had too many ideas of what to do next.”

-Professional Development Participant.               

What does a Futures Analyst have in common with a 4th grader?

Answer: They share a love for wolves and a curiosity about shadows. We design projects that work as well with bankers and venture capitalists as they do with kindergarteners and high schoolers.