Professional Development
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You’re closer to “innovation” than you might think.

Building a culture of innovation is an ongoing (and sometimes overwhelming) effort. There are opportunities for innovation everywhere. EXPLO’s professional development programs help you implement design thinking and critical making using the resources you already have to turn strategy into execution and results.


Our workshops use a learn-by-doing/reflection approach and leave you with ready-to-implement tools: how to design highly engaging lessons / using the power of play in curricular design / project design with limited time and resources / and making better observations and asking better questions.


Our keynotes are not the usual sit-in-your-seat slidedecks. We mix research, insight, and solutions with problem-solving and plenty of hands-on activities. Leave inspired and with practical tools to be a change-maker in your classrooms and in your schools.


Innovation is a habit of mind and makerspaces are the hive for nurturing that culture with your students, faculty, and families. Whether you are preparing for, building, using, or leveraging these spaces, we can help you think.

“I left electrified. I couldn’t sit down. I just had too many ideas of what to do next.”

-Professional Development Participant.               

What does a Futures Analyst have in common with a 4th grader?

Answer: They share a love for wolves and a curiosity about shadows. We design projects that work as well with bankers and venture capitalists as they do with kindergarteners and high schoolers.

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