A Week of Wonder

1-week day programs for students entering grades 2+3, 4+5, and 6+7 on the campus of Wheaton College.

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A week at EXPLO Mini is a world of possibilities. Today, ride a hovercraft! Tomorrow? Put on a stage performance (from scratch!), program a robot, design a new animal shelter, crack a code, or launch rockets to the moon!

In each of our EXPLO Mini courses, hands-on lessons and activities give our Explorers (grades 2+3), Pioneers (grades 4+5), and Voyagers (grades 6+7) a chance to experience a topic from the inside. Design a security device from LEGOs, build a giant interactive animal cell, or make dry ice bubbles. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in just one week!


Sample the wonder of an EXPLO summer. Explorers investigate their interests and passions in their own multidisciplinary course and activities. Pioneers and Voyagers can choose from popular EXPLO 360 courses and workshops as a great introduction to our active, hands-on approach to learning through exploration. Curious about the similarities and differences?

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We want you to explore. With some of the best and coolest teachers you’ve ever had by your side, you can build a giant interactive animal cell, make a movie, launch model rockets and do the Numa Dance with hundreds of students. What matters at EXPLO is that you try new things — and that you’ll always have a chance to try again.

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Nature trails, art studios, theaters and playing fields are calling you. At Wheaton College, you’ll work and play in award-winning science labs; art studios and a woodshop; two theaters; an indoor pool, playing fields and the Haas Athletic Center. It’s a whole new world, and we can’t wait for you to come explore it.

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