A 2-week career exploration program for students entering grades 6+7 interested in veterinary studies on the campus of Wheaton College.

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Do you love animals? Do you want to learn how to take care of them? Do you know you want to heal and care for animals for the rest of your life? Come launch your career in animal health care at EXPLO Vet — work with professional veterinarians and learn how to suture, splint, and examine the animals you love snout-to-tail.


As an EXPLO Vet you will:

  • Save Lives: Get certified in pet First Aid and CPR
  • Learn: Interview veterinarians about their training, practice, and daily challenges
  • Sedate: Master the lasso and learn how to use a blow gun to anesthetize zoo animals for treatment
  • Nourish: Study the medical/dietary needs of pets at rescue shelters
  • Mend: Practice treating and suturing a wound
  • Diagnose: Take vital signs and perform snout-to-tail assessments
  • Discover: Participate in parasitology, radiology and hematology labs
  • Work Together: Work in vet teams to solve challenging medical cases
  • Visit: Meet with veterinary professionals at local shelters, zoo and stable
  • Dig Deeper: Dissect and examine the anatomy of a variety of species

At EXPLO Vet, you’ll learn by doing. Jump right in on the action — examine mammal hearts, inspect radiographs of common pet injuries, and take the vital signs of animals. Join us at the zoo, in the wild, at the clinic, and in the shelter. Treat and suture a wound, perform a snout-to-tail assessment on a rescued dog, and enhance a gorilla’s life in captivity. To top it off, you’ll complete the program certified in pet First Aid and CPR.

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Get a close-up of life as a veterinarian. Diagnose animal diseases, set broken limbs, perform life-saving CPR — even prepare lunch for an orangutan. This is hands-on, hearts full work. Because we believe that, as budding professionals, the best way to understand what it’s like to be a veterinarian — and to learn to think like a vet — is to be a vet.

Why EXPLO Vet?

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