EXPLO Startup

A 2-week career exploration program for students entering grades 8-10 interested in entrepreneurship on the campus of Wellesley College.

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Think your idea will be the next Instagram or Twitter? Ever wonder why the world is full of great ideas, but few turn into successful businesses? Come to EXPLO Startup — and get ready to start building your dream.

At EXPLO Startup you:

  • Think Big. Already have a great idea? Need some inspiration? You’ll work with your teammates, teachers, and the experts in a collaborative think-tank environment to make big ideas happen.
  • Hit the Road. Tour the headquarters of industry leaders in the nearby innovation hub of Cambridge. Meet the professionals. Work with the experts on mock product and marketing campaign designs. See yourself doing work in your future work environment.
  • Sell, sell, sell. Learn how to sell your idea, sell your product, and sell your success. Develop slogans and logos, test the market at EXPLO, and determine the best way to get your ideas up and running.
  • Connect. From building your team, to working with the pros, to chatting with professionals at a private reception – you will gain friendships for now and connections for the future.
  • Pitch your plan. You and your team will have a chance to use your newfound skills and strategies to make a practice pitch to a panel of professional entrepreneurs.
  • Finish Strong. Leave with a business plan – plus the skills and confidence – to make YOUR ideas the ones that stand out and reach the top.

Launching a new business is one of the most challenging things you will ever do. At EXPLO Startup, you acquire the tools you need to get your ideas up and running — from preparing a pitch and landing seed money to defining your business model and building a functioning business organization. Together, we’ll get you on track to start changing the world.

Why EXPLO Startup?

Explore new companies and ideas, and gain unprecedented access to some of the top innovators in Boston.  Tour think tanks, company headquarters, and the new entrepreneurial phenomenon: the Incubator Lab. Sit down with the experts and talk about how crucial company culture is to overall success. Interview professionals from startups across several industries — including tech, fashion, food, and fitness. Daily interactions with experts from these and other industries give you the tips and info you need to draft your own business plan. Get your questions answered, learn the skills you need.

Pitch your plans to an angel investor, tour operations at successful business incubators, discuss your competitor analysis with startup CEOs. Networking with serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists provides real-world perspective (and all-access advice) on what’s needed to land funding, how to handle upstart staffing, and what to strive for in building a successful organizational culture.

Your final challenge? Present your ideas to the MassChallenge judges. Will your startup have what it takes to become the next big success?

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