A 2-week career exploration program for students entering grades 8-10 interested in orthopedic medicine on the campus of Wellesley College.

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In order to work with the body, you need to understand how it works — and how it heals. Uncover the up-close life of world class sports medicine specialists as you diagnose injuries, set fractures, treat injuries, analyze spine trauma, and master the exercises required to strengthen a leg after an ACL tear. In just two weeks, you’ll uncover the up-close life of sports medicine specialists and discover what it takes to keep athletes in the game.


At EXPLO Ortho, you will:

  • Field Test: Immobilize fractures, spines or extremities on the field — and apply c-spine, traction, and splints
  • Heal: Repair a knee or shoulder during a computer-simulated arthroscopic surgery in the Dr. Dinesh Patel Arthroscopic Learning Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School
  • Practice: Spend significant time learning in a collegiate athletic training facility, working side-by-side with the pros
  • Think: Explore and understand brain injury — including concussions — prevention, treatment and recovery
  • Network: Interview top sports medicine specialists who have worked with professional and collegiate athletes
  • Diagnose: Read real X-rays, MRIs, bone and CAT scans to diagnose injuries
  • Operate: Operate shoulder-to-shoulder with one of Boston’s best surgeons during a virtual surgery
  • Mend: Learn to reduce fractures, to splint, and to suture
  • Restore: Master the exercises required to strengthen a leg after an ACL tear
  • Test and Explore: Visit a professional rehab center at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to watch treatment in action

Get hands-on experience with a top orthopedic surgeon and repair a knee (or shoulder) during a computer-simulated arthroscopic surgery. Learn how to immobilize spines or extremities on the field, test how your body works at peak performance, and practice using the same physical therapy and training equipment used by top athletes at the New England Revolution training facility.

Meet our Partners

Go behind the scenes at the professional Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, splint injuries in the training rooms at Wellesley College, and operate on injured knees in the Dr. Dinesh Patel Arthroscopic Learning Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital (a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School). Our expert partners give you a head start (and a leg up) as you explore your future at EXPLO Ortho.

Being able to hold your own (and perform at your best) in the physical therapy suites and operating rooms is essential. We start with the basics of movement, injury, and prevention, with full knowledge that no matter what challenge we send your way, you’ll be more that ready to meet and surpass it. Because we know that, in just a few years, our bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments are going to be in your very capable hands.

Why EXPLO Ortho?

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