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Tuition and Rates

The following are the 2017 tuition and rates for EXPLO Maker. Please visit deposit rates and payments for details about deposit rates, our refund policy, and payment plan options.

EXPLO offers need-based financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships. Click here to learn more about financial aid at EXPLO.

Residential Tuition

One Session
Room and Board (3 meals a day) Included
Courses and Supplies Included
Trips and Entertainment Included
Linens and Bedding Included
Personal Laundry Service Included
Transportation to/from Airport Included
Tuition Refund Insurance Included

Required Charges

Dormitory Damage Deposit $100
Sundries Account $50

Focus Programs are designed to be residential programs. On occasion, we have enrolled day students in our Focus Programs (at residential student rates) for families with special circumstances. If you have questions about day options, please contact our Admission Office.

Deposits and Payments

Deposit Rates
EXPLO Focus $750 per session

Click here for more information about deposit rates and payments

Notes on Required Charges

The Dormitory Damage Deposit is required to offset any charges incurred for damage to a student’s room, furnishings, or pro-rated shares of extraordinary damage to common facilities in the dormitories. Families may be charged if a student’s room is left dirty or in a state of disarray. Parents are responsible for any damage beyond the deposit. The damage deposit may also be debited if a student overdraws his/her sundries account. If there is no damage or balance due, the damage deposit will be refunded to the person responsible for billing by late September.

Sundries Account is used to cover sundries and incidentals. This account can be supplemented by parents at any time. All unused amounts, except those covered by scholarship, will be returned to the person responsible for billing by late September.

Rates and Discounts

All fees are in US dollars.

There is a $75 application fee for all international student applicants to cover the cost of student interviews, language assessments, additional staffing, and additional costs.

If two students in a family are attending any 2- or 3-week EXPLO program(s), each student will receive a discount of $200 per 3-week residential session, $100 per 3-week day session, and/or $150 per 2-week Focus session. If one of the siblings is attending EXPLO Mini, please refer to the EXPLO Mini tuition page for details about our EXPLO Mini sibling discount. If more than two siblings are attending EXPLO programs, each child will receive one sibling discount (the largest discount for which the student is eligible).

Students whose parents are employed by Yale University, Wellesley College, or Wheaton College receive a discount. Please contact our Admission Office for details.

Health Insurance Information

All participants are required to have coverage from a U.S. based accident and health insurance provider. International participants and others without this coverage will be billed each session for a short term accident/health policy.

Financial Aid

EXPLO offers need-based financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships. Click here to learn more about financial aid at EXPLO.

Payment Plan

Families interested in setting up a payment plan for their final balance should contact the program registrar for details at 781.762.7400. Payment plans must be set up by March 15, 2017. Please be aware that final payment under any payment plan must be received by May 1, 2017.

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