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Program Details

2017 Program Dates

Focus Program
Session One July 2 – July 15, 2017

Test. Tinker. Redesign. Rebuild. You’ve got ideas — we’ll give you the tools and techniques to help you turn those ideas into reality. Collaborate and test your mettle next to some of the greatest makers of your generation (yes, your fellow students). If this sounds amazing, then EXPLO Maker is for you.

Explore the best of both worlds. After spending a day designing your ideas, building prototypes, and testing your inventions, you have an EXPLO evening jam-packed with fun and adventure. Take part in optional evening activities in the arts, athletics — or the absurd (extreme pizza delivery, anyone?). Later, catch a live performance, discover the wonder of bubbles, or bounce around at Carnival Night. It’s EXPLO — the choice is yours.

EXPLO is a place of firsts. This may be your first time living away from home, having a roommate, or even deciding what to eat for dinner — and you’ll have the support and guidance of your Advisor and Advisor Group every step of the way. Advisors live on your floor, host check-ins throughout the day, and keep you informed about what’s happening on campus. They’ll remind you to brush your teeth, answer any questions you have — they’ll even answer the door in the middle of the night if you can’t sleep or need assistance! In no time at all, EXPLO at Wheaton will feel like your home away from home.

Every day at EXPLO is a new experience to explore — including meeting all the new people around you. Your Advisor Group will include students from all over the world, and you’ll get to know people with customs, beliefs, and views that might be really different from your own. But when you get to know each other — and discover your shared interests — you’ll quickly realize that you’re not so different after all.

Wheaton College sets the stage for a fantastic summer experience. Bordered by the 40-acre College Pines, and home to lush rooftop greenhouses, an observatory with nine telescopes, brand new science labs, and extensive recreation facilities, the brick-and-ivy campus in Norton, Massachusetts, USA, is made for exploration.

Wheaton Campus and Facilities

Living and learning at EXPLO should be both fun and meaningful. We know that our students (and their loved ones back home) need to feel that our campus is safe, and that our staff is observant and trained to respond. Faculty and staff know each one of our students and are with them throughout all aspects of the day. We take special care to ensure bullying has no place on an EXPLO campus, that our students’ physical and emotional health are taken care of, and that staff are expertly trained to supervise our students.

Safety and Security at Wheaton

Why EXPLO Maker?

Resilience. Grit. Patience. Empathy. Flexibility. Playfulness. At EXPLO Maker, you’ll have the opportunity to build these 21st century skills as you articulate and synthesize ideas, analyze problems, make decisions, and prioritize solutions.

As we like to say: EXPLO is what school would be if school were always awesome.

What's Happening at Wheaton

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