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EXPLO Foreign Affairs

A 2-week career exploration program for students entering grades 10-12 interested in foreign affairs on the campus of Yale University.

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Do you have what it takes to influence change on a global scale? EXPLO Foreign Affairs is an opportunity to explore your passion for strategy and leadership. Craft international policy, win the support of your global friends, and persuade adversaries to reconsider their perspectives. Welcome to the table — let the talks (and action) begin.

At EXPLO Foreign Affairs you will:

  • Dig Deep: Discuss the history and current structure of the international system.
  • Discover: Research the major issues on the American foreign policy agenda.
  • Act and React: Become a global leader during a multiple simulations of foreign policy crises.
  • Explore: Visit New York City, the United Nations, the U.S. Mission to Chile, and the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Network: Guest appearances by leading scholars and practitioners.
  • Take Off: Advice from professionals on how to pursue a career in foreign affairs.

Create foreign policy and work towards cross-border solutions. At EXPLO Foreign Affairs, students learn about the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the major issues affecting American foreign policy today, foster understanding across national and international lines, and create policy that offers real-world solutions with a number of political and international thinkers and decision makers.

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The world of international relations requires a special kind of person: someone who is capable of entertaining disparate viewpoints, acknowledging the possibility of multiple truths, and working with a wide variety of individuals, governments, and institutions to foster — and achieve — a common goal. It requires someone with a quickness of mind, a balance of vision and pragmatism, and an openness of spirit. And, of course, a passion for tackling issues on a global scale.

EXPLO Foreign Affairs emphasizes real world applications. Draft memos and press releases, brief the President, deliver and debate a floor speech, write an op-ed, negotiate a ceasefire, and more. Participate in an international crisis simulation as a decision maker responsible for creating policy outcomes that support your nation’s interests and the common good. Learn about the history and current structure of the international system and add your analysis, your pen, and your voice to critical issues on the American foreign policy agenda.

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