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A 2-week summer program for students entering grades 10-12 about the Business of Entertainment on the campus of Yale University.

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Explore the changing world of entertainment from the inside. Take a movie from development and production through marketing and distribution. Analyze limited release merchandise strategies for franchises like Star Wars. From the silver screen to the bright lights of Broadway, from music to video games to sports — you’ll harness business skills applicable to any field, and connect with major players who can forecast the industry and help you prepare for a dynamic career. That’s show business, baby — and this is the Business of Entertainment at EXPLO.

When you learn the Business of Entertainment at EXPLO, you will:

  • Go behind the scenes: Work with experienced hitmakers, showrunners, and other power players who can share their insights and set you on the path toward your career
  • Change the game: Services like YouTube and Spotify allow anyone to publish their creative content and make a name for themselves. Create the next “Serial” podcast from your kitchen table. Sell your web series to HBO. What (and where) will you share?
  • Communicate: Develop a social media strategy to build buzz around the Super Bowl Halftime Show, brand a world tour, and manage the press room in a celebrity crisis
  • Explore: Scout locations and explore the ins-and-outs of choosing where your next project will film — from what it looks like to what financial incentives are in play
  • Crunch the numbers: Create a budget for a new streaming web series, and analyze account statements to determine just how much money the latest franchise installment earned
  • Analyze: Interpret Nielsen ratings and use that data to create a mock fall lineup for your popular television network — what makes the comedy slate? Who gets the lead-in slot before top-rated “Big Bang Theory,” or what can keep viewers in front of the screen on Friday nights?

There are hundreds of roles in the entertainment industry — and none of them are small parts when it comes to big business. Step into those roles at EXPLO. Break down a script like a professional director: develop procurement lists, select filming locations, budget special effects needs. Perform a SWOT analysis for a crossover music festival with CMT and Animal Planet. From streaming series to video games to live events and more, examine the time-tested strategies and fresh tactics that are innovating the industry — and delighting audiences everywhere.

Explore the new (and future) entertainment industry. Gone are the golden days of big studios and major labels. Beyoncé shocked the music world when she dropped her self-titled fifth album, Beyoncé, on iTunes — forgoing traditional marketing, and inspiring artists to seize control of their creative content. Connect with professional hyphenates (think: writer-producer-director) whose understanding of the entertainment industry’s traditions and foresight into its future can help you plan for the skills and experiences you’ll need to break into the business.

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Dive deep into the economics of entertainment. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix earned nearly $1 billion worldwide, but Warner Bros. reported a loss of $167 million on the film. How is that possible? Audit account statements and track how a film earns (or loses) revenue through box office sales, distribution, advertising, and more. Create a budget for your studio’s next dramatic hit with considerations for talent, filming location tax credits, and marketing. The bottom line? You discover the tricks of the trade and business savvy from the experts.

Your work is far from finished when the director yells cut. Why did The Hunger Games films break the box office while the Divergent series faltered? Explore guerilla marketing techniques and the role of merchandise in generating excitement about your studio’s latest video game release. Practice your PR spin tactics when a Broadway play experiences technical failures during previews and two actors have sustained injuries. In show business, all press is good press.

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