EXPLO English Immersion Summer Program

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English immersion summer programs for students ages 9-13 on the Wheaton College campus near Boston, Massachusetts.

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Explore the world of people and ideas. Learn English through painting, solving crimes via crime scene investigation simulations, or building new cities. Don’t just talk about the weather — make your own clouds. Join American students and other fluent English speakers for activities and community events at EXPLO at Wheaton. There are no workbooks, lectures, or language labs here.

Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences. Every moment at EXPLO is an opportunity to practice your English speaking skills. You might report the news or put on a puppet show. Take a trip to the local ice cream shop to order in English — including all the toppings! Your English-language understanding and speaking confidence will emerge naturally — and because you’re at EXPLO, you’ll have fun in the process.

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At EXPLO English, the community is your classroom. Wheaton College is a perfect setting for a summer of exploration. Discover nature trails among the College Pines, get creative in the art studios and wood shops. Get your kicks playing soccer or try your hand at pottery. Immerse yourself in American culture at signature events like Carnival Night. You’ll explore off-campus, too. Weekend trips are a fantastic opportunity for students to have adventures and to meet new friends from other EXPLO at Wheaton programs — all while learning English the way it’s truly spoken.

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