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A think tank and innovation lab partnering with educators and not-for-profit organizations around the world.

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“Hey EXPLO, Would You Start a School?”

We’ve been asked that thousands of times. We thought about it, but decided we could impact many more students and teachers by launching EXPLO Ed.

At our Exploration Center headquarters — outfitted with a makerspace, woodshop, electronics/robotics lab, and multimedia production spaces — as well as at our summer programs on the campuses of Wheaton, Wellesley, and Yale, the EXPLO Ed team is constantly innovating teaching methods and curriculum. Our goal? To help educators cultivate classrooms committed to inquiry, creativity, and exploration so that learning is more engaging and joyful.

EXPLO Ed works with educators, schools and educational organizations around the world to address issues of student engagement, summer learning loss, STEAM and critical making curricula, and professional development. EXPLO is an education game changer. You can be, too.

The Three Pillars of EXPLO Ed


Curriculum that connects thought to action and action to feeling for teacher and student alike.


Inspiring the desire to ask why and to investigate the world from different perspectives.


Understanding that learning is a life long adventure of simple questions, discovery and wonder.

EXPLO Ed Branches

EXPLO Studio

An innovative critical making lab that develops engaging thinking-doing-making courses and projects that require students to learn with their minds and their hands — and challenges educators to rethink how they teach and their role in the classroom.

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Critical Making and Innovation Camp for Educators

One-week educator camp for public, independent, and international school teachers and administrators interested in incorporating critical making into their classrooms.

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Summer Collaborative Partnership

A joint effort to close the achievement gap between high and low income youth by combating summer learning loss, and by helping community center camps in urban areas develop supportive spaces for students to create, to fail, and to try again.

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Join the Debates

A partnership with PBS Education and the Commission on Presidential Debates to engage middle- and high school students in leading and facilitating topic-based civil discourse using the highly regarded EXPLO Collaborative Discussion Method.

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