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Choose Your Own Path

When you come to EXPLO, you experience the world. With students and staff from all corners of the globe, you’ll encounter world views that will stretch your own, beliefs that will challenge you, and friends that will be in your life for years to come. You choose what paths to explore.


EXPLO 360 at Yale offers tremendous choice and tremendous opportunity. It’s where you exchange ideas, test out new-found talents, and meet people from just about every country you can imagine. Our daily schedule is precisely engineered to achieve a balance of academics and activities that allow you to explore the campus and enjoy your new friendships.

Review the Daily Schedule

Broaden your horizons — choose from 25 different off-campus trips every weekend. A critical part of the EXPLO experience is getting off campus and seeing what the world has to offer. Spend your Saturdays and Sundays discovering New York City and New England. Paddle a kayak through the Berkshires. Go to a Broadway show. Hike the Sleeping Giant. Visit the Guggenheim. Test your limits on a whitewater raft. Where will you explore?

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You have not known choice and opportunity like this. Activities and events at EXPLO mirror the extracurricular environment you’ll find when you get to college. Join a daily debate group, take a workshop with the EXPLO Scholars, get your A Capella on, play in a basketball tournament – with more than 10 options per day and the freedom to choose what you’ll participate in, you can make each day different.

In the evenings, gather a group of friends for live concerts on the Quad, improv comedy performances at the Shubert Theater, Band Night at Toad’s Place, and much more! Looking for something more low key? Check out movies on the Quad or the chill atmosphere of the EXPLO student lounge.

Activities and Events

Explore your college search options. For students interested in additional support for the college application process, our College Pathways program can help demystify the early stages of your journey. Sit in on college admission seminars, take Princeton Review prep, or visit nearby colleges and universities with the EXPLO faculty.

Pathways to College

Find your place in the world. When you explore what you’re interested in at EXPLO, you will find yourself surrounded by people who are quite different from you, but who share your interests. These common interests  build bridges across culture, ethnicity, and background. No matter where you’re from — if you’re a residential student or a day student — living and learning at EXPLO prepares you for life in a diverse global community.

Why EXPLO 360?

Customized by age and interest, EXPLO champions rigor with playfulness because we believe deep learning doesn’t mean boring and doesn’t require formality. In fact, we know that when children and teens are at ease and having fun, they are more willing to take intellectual and creative risks that lead to greater learning and accomplishment.

We believe giving kids opportunities to develop their creativity, a sense of camaraderie, and intellectual daring gives them a head start – not only on achievement but on something more – lifelong happiness.

As we like to say: EXPLO is what school would be if school was always awesome.

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