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Three weeks. Thousands of minds. Infinite ideas to explore.

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More Than Just a Summer Experience

It’s a place where students from more than 40 states and 70 countries come to explore the world of people and ideas. Customized by age and interest, our flagship EXPLO 360 programs blend rigor with playfulness — because when kids are at ease and having fun, they are more willing to take intellectual and creative risks that lead to greater learning and accomplishment. With more courses, activities, and trips than any other summer program, EXPLO is a dynamic global community that inspires students to challenge themselves in meaningful ways that lead to self-discovery and personal growth through intellectual inquiry, responsible decision-making, and spirited adventure.

As we like to say: EXPLO is what school would be if school were always awesome.

At Yale University

Entering Grades: 10-12

For three weeks, Yale University belongs to you. Your friends are students from around the world. You choose your classes and workshops from more than 140 options – filmmaking to surgical interventions. You’re free to go after what you’re interested in for the first time or take it to the next level.

Explore EXPLO 360 at Yale

At Wellesley College

Entering Grades: 8-9

Three weeks, over 125 courses and workshops. Whether you’re an expert in algebra, basketball, or ceramics or whether you’ve only imagined being a fashion designer, a sports agent, or a crime scene scientist, EXPLO lets you dive into what you love.

Explore EXPLO 360 at Wellesley

At Wheaton College

Entering Grades: 4-7

Ever dreamed of a place where friendships happen easily, where learning and doing cool things (like defending a medieval castle with the trebuchets you built) fill your days, and where you belong and feel welcomed just as you are? That’s EXPLO.

Explore EXPLO 360 at Wheaton

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