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Please review the Admission Application Process below. When you are ready to start the EXPLO Application, fill in the “Start the EXPLO Application!” form on this page to receive your unique InfoSnap Application login. Complete the application process to reserve your spot at EXPLO.

The Admission Process

STEP ONE: You’ve Completed Your Application Form and Deposit

If you have not yet completed this step, please do so by filling out the Start the EXPLO Application! form on this page.

Thank you for completing your application! Please follow the steps below to complete the Admission Process. (Note: Scholarship applicants do not need to make a deposit.)

STEP TWO: Recommendation

You will need to submit a teacher recommendation if:

  • You did not attend EXPLO last year
  • You are applying to an EXPLO Focus program
  • You are applying for a scholarship

Upon receipt of your application form (Step 1), students requiring a new teacher recommendation will receive information on how to complete the process. You will not be enrolled at EXPLO until you have a current teacher recommendation on file.

Please note: EXPLO Mini students are not required to submit a teacher recommendation.
Click here to begin or continue a schoolrec teacher recommendation form.

STEP THREE: Personal Essay (EXPLO Focus Programs Only)

Focus applicants are required to submit an essay of intent explaining why they are interested in participating in the Focus program.

Download Focus Essay Instructions (.PDF)

Please note: English Immersion applicants are not required to submit a Focus essay.

STEP FOUR: English Language Interview (International Students Only)

In order to ensure that non-native English speakers are placed in an EXPLO program that is appropriate for their English level, we conduct short student interviews via Skype to assess students’ speaking abilities. You will be contacted if your child requires an interview.

  • Exploration programs require intermediate-to advanced-level English, except EXPLO Mini, which requires advanced-level English
  • EXPLO Focus programs require advanced-level English, except English Immersion, which requires beginning-level English

Questions About The Application Process?
If you have any questions about EXPLO or our application process, please contact our Admission Office. It’s what we’re here for!