Exploration Learning

Learning to Expect More

At EXPLO, we live the life we ask our students to explore during the summer: daring to go big, every day, in an effort to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and seize the opportunities ahead of us.

What is EXPLO about? EXPLO is about changing hearts and minds to create a world in which young people can take charge of their own learning and chart a course that allows them to do far more than just succeed in life — it allows them to thrive. To live a life of daring and courage that doesn’t have a ceiling. To expect greater than whatever it was that limited their vision or stifled their momentum in the first place.

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The Exploration Center

Part office space, part learning playground, the Exploration Center is our year-round R+D Lab where we are constantly cooking up new ideas, iterating on what’s worked, and scrapping what doesn’t.

Located within arm’s reach of Boston — widely held as the intellectual capital of the United States with resources including MIT, Harvard, Tufts, world-class hospitals, and a thriving startup economy — the Exploration Center has become a destination for teachers, premier graduate schools, students, and education leaders from around the world seeking to innovate their approaches to student-driven teaching and learning.

HQ is also where we design our courses ahead of each summer. With resources including a woodshop, painting studio, cyc wall, and makerspace, we’re able to create, test, and refine what our students will do before we get to campus, ensuring that the experience they have goes well beyond their expectations.