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Summer programs that build independence and teach creative thinking through exploration.
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What grade will your child enter in the fall of 2018?

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A Summer at EXPLO
Can Change Your Life

Because EXPLO is where young people learn what they love in an environment that promotes creativity, engagement and intellectual daring.

It’s where students discover new interests and abilities with the support of a dynamic and engaging teaching staff. It’s where they make friends from around the world and build independence through spirited adventure and good ol’ fashioned fun.

EXPLO is where students are encouraged to embrace the differences that make us individuals and to seek out the common ground that makes us a community. Where students are inspired to dig deeper, to discover the world of people and ideas — to discover themselves.


An international leader at the forefront of teaching and learning with more courses, activities, and trips than any other summer program.
A dynamic global community of students, alumni, and faculty from 40+ states and 70+ countries
70,000+ alumni who have gone on to thrive and lead in every career imaginable
A place to discover your future major, your closest friends, potential career(s), your passions

Explore Your Interests, Discover New Ones

EXPLO programs offer courses and workshops across all kinds of subjects.
We know you'll find something you love.



What's Happening At EXPLO?

A summer of exploration can change your life.
Discover which EXPLO program is right for you.

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