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Enrichment Programs for Students in Grades 2-12

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15 programs | 100s of experiences | June-August 2019

We Don’t Put Classroom Walls Around Learning

Every day at EXPLO is thoughtfully and precisely planned so that learning doesn’t end when classes do. Each activity, every encounter is an open-ended opportunity for discovery and growth.


    Yale Weekend Trip: White Water Rafting in the Berkshires

    Navigate the waters of New England where everyone from beginners to experts can face their fears down mellow floats to Class IV thrillers.


    Video: Is It Relevant?


    EXPLO Studio: Critical Making and Innovation Camp for Educators

    Many schools have maker spaces – or are contemplating building them – but aren’t exactly sure how to use them or understand how to leverage their use across the curriculum. EXPLO Studio is focused on critical making: transforming the ordinary into something with meaning. It’s not making for the sake of making, but making for a purpose.


    Wellesley Workshop: Fencing

    Gear up and compete in one of the first sports to be played in the Olympics: fencing! Learn how to differentiate between the foil, épée and sabre, all while practicing fencing's formal sportsmanship techniques.


    Video: Kelly Corrigan


    EXPLO at Wheaton: Medieval Battle Contraptions

    Learn about the history of siege weapons through EXPLO-designed trebuchets and catapults — all while keeping in mind factors that shape the physics of momentum.


    EXPLO at Yale: Economics

    Come explore the basic principles of micro- and macroeconomics as we learn how companies set prices to maximize their profits, explore the impact of unemployment, and understand the effects of supply and demand on price.


    Wellesley Clubs and Leagues: Early Morning Running Club

    For ninth grader Gabi, early morning running around the beautiful and scenic trail of Lake Waban helps ground and energize her for the day of classes and activities ahead.


    EXPLO Partnership: Richard Light

    Richard Light, eminent professor at Harvard University, and founder of How To Live Wisely — a program that aims to strengthen student experiences on undergraduate campuses — is partnering with EXPLO to lead professional development seminars with EXPLO educators on how high school students can live a meaningful, fulfilling, and happy life.


    EXPLO Studio: Maine Moose Project

    EXPLO Studio, along with our transient moose, delivered an interactive keynote on playful learning to Maine STEAM teachers at the Thomas College Center for Innovation in Education. Some of the herd stayed behind, and the project is now moving to public schools throughout the state.


    EXPLO Programs: Dining

    Dive into our thoughtful menu that reflects the eating interests and needs of our second graders — and eleventh graders alike. Accommodating to dietary restrictions and allergies, all we ask is you make sure something green is on your plate — and no, “jello” doesn’t count.


    EXPLO at Yale: Find Your Voice

    At Yale, opportunities to be bold surround you. From practicing civil discourse in the classroom, to dancing on stage at a Main Event, finding your voice is guaranteed.


    Video: One Tool


    EXPLO at Wellesley: Medical Careers Course

    In the morning, become a doctor-in-training, getting a hands-on approach with instructor Llona Kavege, discovering more about anatomy and physiology through the dissection of a fetal pig.


    EXPLO at Wheaton: Super Secret Spy Society

    Hunt for clues around campus, practice deductive reasoning and nonverbal communication skills, trail your mysterious suspect with a drone... all in a day's work as your team works to crack the case.


    EXPLO at Wheaton: Lights, Camera,... Action!

    Get your director's cap on, draft up a storyboard, pull out your set lighting sketches, and roll cameras. Next stop: Hollywood.


    EXPLO at Wellesley: Soldering

    Get hands-on experience with the craft of metalwork. Learn about the three different processes of soldering, exploring conductors of electricity.


    EXPLO at Yale: Meet Yale's Mascot, Handsome Dan

    Meet a real-life celebrity, Handsome Dan on Old Campus Quad during independent time. Get a selfie with his adorable, and a little slobbery, face!


    EXPLO at Yale: network with professionals in your field

    Connect with international surgeon, Dr. David Mulligan; chief of transplantation surgery and immunology at Yale Medical School. At Yale, "meeting the experts" means one-on-one introductions and round table discussion. Leave your session feeling better connected — bonus: learning how to effectively network.

Since 1976, EXPLO has reached 80,000 students from 50 states and 93 countries around the world.

EXPLO Reinvented the Learning Experience.
We Continue to Do So — Every Day

From the halls of MIT to the minds of curious young people from across the U.S. and around the world, learning through exploration combines an array of experiences — from hands-on courses and workshops to outdoor activities and weekend trips — that transform the way students engage with the world. More than 40 years later, EXPLO continues to reinvent the learning experience. Educators, nonprofits, and corporate leaders alike now seek EXPLO’s knowledge and expertise in engaged learning, critical making, and design thinking to drive their organizations forward.

A Life of Daring and Courage Starts at EXPLO


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