EXPLO Focus Programs
Ages 11 – 12

A 2-week summer program for students entering grades 6-7 focusing on veterinary medicine.

At Explo Vet, you won't just study how to heal and care for animals — you'll learn how to suture, splint, and examine them, snout-to-tail.

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The Animal Whisperer
Come work with professional veterinarians, diagnose animal diseases, splint broken limbs — and launch your career in animal health care. We know you love animals. This is your chance to discover how to care for them, understand them, and yes, even heal them.

Join us at the zoo, in the wild, at the clinic, and in the shelter. We'll show you up-close the life of a veterinarian — diagnose animal diseases, set broken limbs, perform life saving CPR... and prepare lunch for an orangutan.

Program Highlights

  • Save Lives: Get certified in pet First Aid + CPR
  • Learn: Interview veterinarians about their training, practice, and daily challenges
  • Sedate: Master the lasso and learn how to use a blow gun to anesthetize zoo animals for treatment
  • Nourish: Study the medical/dietary needs of pets at rescue shelters
  • Mend: Practice treating and suturing a wound
  • Diagnose: Take vital signs and perform snout-to-tail assessments on cats and dogs
  • Discover: Participate in parasitology, radiology and hematology labs
  • Work Together: Work in vet teams to solve challenging medical cases
  • Field Trip: Visit the Animal Rescue League, a local veterinary practice, and a zoo
  • Dig Deeper: Dissect and examine the anatomy of a variety of species

Il prend en charge le malade vu comme un tout. Cette activité implique un travail en équipe, multidisciplinaire et multiprofessionnel, caractéristique de la médecine interne. Les internistes ont également une fonction de consultant pour les médecins de ville ou hospitaliers, leur apportant une aide en cialis pharmacie cialis toutes situations. En Belgique, la situation est assez semblable.