EXPLO Focus Programs
EXPLO Sports Management
Ages 15 – 17

A 2-week summer program for students entering grades 10-12 about the business of sports

Press conferences. Endorsement deals. Targeting your market. Twitter. Branding. Contract talks. Career management. Media blitz. Networking. The Big Picture. If you want to make the world of sports your business, we’ll welcome you to the table.

Consulting for the Boston Red Sox

In 2015, Explo Sports Management students pitched marketing campaigns to Red Sox executives at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.

Branding Athletes, Marketing Teams
Think about it: your future could hinge on how well one athlete performs, or whether the team makes the postseason. It could also depend on whether your client is a media darling, on whether you’re able to negotiate contracts that attract top talent (while meeting the bottom line), and on whether your team is good enough — or beloved enough — to actually attract enough fans to fill stadiums. It’s a giant risk — but that’s what makes it so much fun.

Playing With The Bigs (While Learning the Game)
At Explo Sports Management, we’ll introduce you to big players in the field of sports management — from industry pros at NBC Sports, ESPN, and the Red Sox, to business executives, sports management professors, and wearable tech gurus — and you’ll collaborate with your team in challenges that test everything from your negotiating abilities to your skills as masters of logistics and marketing.

No Time Outs (And No Lectures)
From day one, you’ll be in the driver’s seat. You won’t be sitting in lectures in this program. Instead, you’ll be learning by doing. Through our Sports Management boot camps, you’ll develop the skills you need to create on-point marketing and business solutions.

This is No Game — Real World Projects
Through the course of the program, you’ll be tackling the same projects and issues that face sports executives today. In fact, you’ll be pitching your solutions to (and networking with and getting feedback from) real industry professionals, who will be hoping to run with your ideas.

Program Highlights

  • Pitch a Comprehensive Marketing and Media Plan: Come up with marketing solutions for a real-world problem, and pitch your ideas to actual sports executives.
  • Brand an Athlete: From getting the right sponsorships to communicating a marketable identity, create a profitable brand for an athlete, team, or sport.
  • Spin the Story: Manage the press room. Turn around bad press for an athlete or team by making public statements, writing press releases, and holding press conferences.
  • Work the Marketing Data: Discover how companies like ESPN use data to develop their marketing campaigns, bolster their viewership, and hone in on the most important statistics for athletes.
  • Find Your Fan Base: Dig into marketing research to find the perfect fans for your team.
  • Pitch, Debate + Negotiate: Represent an athlete or team in simulated negotiations for sponsorship, contracts, or endorsements. Win a big contract deal or negotiate your way out of a strike during a heated negotiation.
  • Network: Make connections with sports management professionals, visit industry leaders, gather career advice, and learn what it's like to actually work in the sports field.

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