EXPLO Focus Programs
Ages 13 – 15

A 2-week summer program for students entering grades 8-10 focusing on sports medicine and orthopedics.

To keep athletes in the game — and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities — orthopedic surgeons, sports physiologists, and physical therapists need to be at the top of theirs. At Explo Ortho, we’re giving those future caretakers an enormous head start.

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Keeping Athletes in the Game
In the Explo Ortho Focus Program, students learn how to keep athletes and individuals in top shape — in the operating room, training room, and on the field.

Step into training centers, rehab clinics, and onto the fields. You'll uncover the up-close life of sports medicine specialists as you set fractures, treat injuries, analyze spine trauma, and operate to get your athletes back in the game.

  • Field Test: Immobilize fractures, spines or extremities on the field — and apply c-spine, traction, and splints
  • Heal: Repair a knee or shoulder during a computer-simulated arthroscopic surgery in the Dr. Dinesh Patel Arthroscopic Learning Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School
  • Practice: Spend significant time learning in a collegiate athletic training facility, working side-by-side with the pros
  • Think: Explore and understand brain injury — including concussions — prevention, treatment and recovery
  • Network: Interview top sports medicine specialists who have worked with professional and collegiate athletes
  • Diagnose: Read real X-rays, MRIs, bone and cat scans to diagnose injuries
  • Operate: Operate shoulder-to-shoulder with one of Boston's best surgeons during a virtual surgery
  • Mend: Learn to reduce fractures, to splint, and to suture
  • Restore: Master the exercises required to strengthen a leg after an ACL tear
  • Test + Explore: Visit a professional rehab center at The Michelli Center for Sports Injury Prevention to watch treatment in action

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