EXPLO Focus Programs
EXPLO Marketing
Ages 15 – 17

A 2-week summer program for students entering grades 10-12 focusing on the art of marketing.

Can you get people to switch from an iPad to a Nexus, dump their Adidas shoes for Nike, or park their car and take the subway? Successful persuasion takes vision, talent, and skill. Do you have what it takes to promote the next big thing?

Meet Those Pushing the Field Forward

Explo has teamed up with a number of experts, including Anomaly, a progressive marketing agency, and Interpretive Simulations, a creator of full-scale digital business simulations, to give students access to diverse thinkers, creative problem solving scenarios, and the marketing mastery that comes from working with the best individuals in their fields.

The Art of Marketing — Down to a Science
Stirring a frenzy around this season’s must-have item isn’t as straightforward as creating a killer ad campaign — although that helps. Building and then communicating a real and lasting value is the goal. The key is finding a place in your life (or in society as a whole) that has a need — and finding a way to fill it — with the right ideas, the right products, and the right message.

Full Access to Marketing Genius
Through seminar discussions, business tutorials, and guest appearances by leading innovators and professionals, you'll have a first-hand window into the cutting edge of marketing. You’ll experiment with simulation software (used by top business schools and executive training programs) to uncover the story behind market trends and sales reports.

And you'll get to visit a working New York ad agency, where you'll conclude a multi-day simulation with a formal pitch: Your team’s plan to save a faltering product. At Explo Marketing, you'll come away with a clearer understanding of what marketing actually involves, why it matters, and which career paths are on the cutting edge.

Program Highlights

  • Jump Right In: The clock is ticking, and you’ve got two weeks to save your product and your profits. Make decisions about product design, target audience, marketing strategies, and brand identity before your time (and your fortune) runs out.
  • Business Boot Camp: You’ll work up an intellectual sweat learning the basic business skills you need to wheel and deal with your teammates and the experts. From a daily challenge to a week long project, it will take collaboration, negotiation, and some good old fashioned perspiration to come out on top of this competition. Ready to enlist?
  • Make It or Break It: Step into a virtual business simulation — and see how your ideas stack up. Can your decisions save the future of a struggling product, or will you find yourself virtually unemployed?
  • Take the Show on the Road. Take the pulse of the public — will a focus group give your product design new direction? Can a poll point you down the right logo path? Take advantage of the diverse Explo community to conduct your own market research and inform your brand decisions.
  • Connect: Brand executives, creative directors, product developers, market analysts, strategists, retailers, competitors, consumers and YOU. Gain new perspectives & connections with colleagues and mentors as you work side-by-side.
  • Network: From building your team, to building your network — you’ll have the chance to do both while working with your classmates and professionals on campus and on the road — gain friendships for now and valuable connections for the future.
  • Make Your Pitch: What will it take to send your product flying off the shelves — a slick new jingle, a different target market, or a total image overhaul? Team up with your classmates to develop and pitch a killer business plan (and marketing proposal) to a panel of industry leaders.

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