EXPLO Focus Programs
Ages 11 – 12

A 2-week summer program for students entering grades 6-7 focusing on emergency medicine.

In the span of two weeks, our students answer the question: what does it take to save a life?

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Explo to the Rescue
Since when have 11-year-old kids spent the summer learning how to suture wounds and defibrillate patients in cardiac arrest? Learning to save people in crisis is what 11- and 12-year-olds do when they attend the Explo ER Focus program outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

When there’s an accident, you need to act fast! This summer, go inside state-of-the-art labs, practice administering first aid, and work with a team to respond to trauma simulations. You’ll be granted access to the exciting field of emergency medicine.

Med School, Explo-Style

  • Save Lives: Obtain Red Cross First Aid + CPR certification
  • Ask: Interview professional EMTs and restock a field-ready ambulance
  • Master Anatomy: Study the anatomy of bones and joints in the human body
  • Heal: Learn to check vital signs, immobilize injuries, suture wounds, and introduce IVs
  • Diagnose: Conduct a differential diagnosis of a real ER case
  • Challenge: Treat for bleeding and shock in computer simulated trauma cases
  • Discover: Examine CAT scans, MRIs, and X-rays of bones and internal organs
  • Meet: Meet with ER doctors at a Harvard University teaching hospital
  • Listen: Interview patients about their signs and symptoms
  • Work Together: Learn how to work as a medical team, which is crucial in responding to trauma cases

Il prend en charge le malade vu comme un tout. Cette activité implique un travail en équipe, multidisciplinaire et multiprofessionnel, caractéristique de la médecine interne. Les internistes ont également une fonction de consultant pour les médecins de ville ou hospitaliers, leur apportant une aide en cialis pharmacie cialis toutes situations. En Belgique, la situation est assez semblable.