Ready to Become an Explo Chef?

Do you see yourself cooking with mentors that want to teach you, guide, you, and encourage you to break new culinary ground? Then Explo Chef is definitely the program for you.


You’ve had two weeks to cook, to learn, and to perfect your technique. For the Grand Buffet, you’ll prepare your favorite dishes and present them to Explo’s most discerning VIPs.

Pressure? There’s no pressure here — only culinary greatness.

Your Future is Waiting
Imagine a future where every day you get to cook the food you love shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most talented (and acclaimed) chefs in the business. Imagine sourcing fresh ingredients, starting with a recipe, and then riffing off in your own direction — creating a culinary experience that could only come from you. At Explo Chef, that future can begin now.

Can You Handle the Heat?
Then come get in our kitchens. You might have guessed that the Explo Chef Focus program is not for the faint of heart. Strong burners, hot ovens, and daily cooking challenges will test your mettle and challenge you to create restaurant-worthy dishes you’d be proud to serve to your present (+ future) patrons.

Shopping for ingredients at Boston’s famed Haymarket, cooking dishes, plating them, and cleaning your stations to perfection — on deadline — will give you very real taste as to how chefs prepare 90 covers a night and work to make each dish more innovative and delicious than the one before.

Learning by Doing
One thing that makes Explo Chef unique is the emphasis placed on real world applications. Students are treated as budding professionals. They aren’t sitting through hours of lectures. Instead, it’s learning by doing.

Students practice knife skills and fruit and vegetable cutting techniques; discover culinary tricks (like how to determine the internal temperature of food by touch); and learn how to sauté, sear, sweat, and simmer dishes on the stove — and how to roast and braise in the oven. Professional chefs teach students how to plate and present a dish, how to properly debone a fish, and how to caramelize crème brûlée to perfection. Students complete the program knowing new recipes and countless skills and techniques.

According to the Professional
Founding Chef Jerome Picca, Executive Chef at North Hill, shares his philosophy working with us to help create Explo Chef:

“The first lesson that I give students is asking them, ‘Who's the teacher?’ And my answer is, ‘You're the teacher, I'm just going to help guide you there.’ The lessons I teach are primarily how you can cook a dish. How you actually cook. But the lessons that we want to teach here at Explo is, 'What can you accomplish in life? What can you explore and discover and learn on your own?' And I think that's phenomenal.”

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