EXPLO Focus Programs
Ages 13 – 15

A 2-week summer program for students entering grades 8-10 focusing on the culinary arts.

Take professional chefs, add students passionate about cooking, and mix them all together in our professional kitchens. Sounds like a recipe made in culinary heaven. Bring your appetite and your sense of adventure — you’re the next Explo Chef.

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Cook With the Best
Learning to cook, plate, and present multi-course meals, from appetizer to dessert, is what students do when they attend the Explo Chef Focus program outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

This summer, come cook with professional chefs in professional teaching kitchens. You'll sauté, simmer, and slice; you'll bake, bread, and blend. In our fully stocked commercial kitchen, you will create an assortment of dishes and desserts, learning how to splash them with spice and serve them with style.

  • Master Technique: Hone your knife skills, from slicing and chopping to dicing and mincing, including back-slicing and rock-chops
  • Cultivate the Senses: Identify and create the 5 taste sensations
  • Develop Kitchen Intuition: Learn culinary tricks — like determining internal temperature by touch and telling the difference between fresh and old seafood
  • Matchmaking: Pair complementary ingredients and flavors
  • Firestarter: Learn how to sauté, sear, sweat, and simmer on the stove and how to roast and braise in the oven
  • Divine Seasoning: Use flavoring agents — fresh herbs, spices, edible flowers — to create your own soups and sauces (or anything else you can think of)
  • Build Reactions: Study the chemistry of food: leavening agents, reactive agents, protein bonding, and caramelization
  • Sweet Rewards: Learn the baking and pastry arts by making yeast breads, quick breads, unleavened breads, and pastries
  • Make it Pop: Master classic and contemporary plate presentation

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