2016 Curriculum Advisor Application

The Curriculum Application Cycle

PCA and CA applications are reviewed by the Explo Curriculum Department as they are received. You should hear back from us within two weeks upon submission of your PCA or CA application.

Please note: in the weeks leading up to, during, and immediately following the summer, PCA applications may take longer to process.

Explo's online PCA application is hosted by InfoSnap. If you have technical problems with the application process, contact InfoSnap directly for assistance at [email protected] or 866.986.1601 x7095 (or "Option 2").

Pre-Season Curriculum Advisors

Explo is seeking creative and experienced educators to serve as Pre-Season Curriculum Advisors (PCAs) during the winter and spring for one to six different summer enrichment courses.

The Explo Curriculum
Each summer, Explo offers more than 150 unique courses and more than 90 unique workshops in a wide array of academic disciplines. (Course examples: grades 10-12, grades 8+9, grades 6+7, grades 4+5.) These enrichment courses are student-centered, activity-based, not-for-credit, and ungraded. They are taught by summer instructors who are passionate about the fields in which they are teaching and who are primarily undergraduate and graduate students with little or no teaching experience.

Curriculum Development: Your Role
Over the course of a six-week development cycle, PCAs communicate with course Instructors via phone and email to help them transform their ideas into creative lesson plans for a three-week enrichment course that will be taught during the summer.

The primary responsibility of the PCA is to mentor these young teachers in the development of activity-based curriculum that will lead them to have a successful summer teaching experience, and will encourage our summer students to challenge themselves, discover the world of people and ideas, and experience the joy of learning.

Position Details
An online training for PCAs takes place in December. Curriculum advising takes place from January through May. Most PCAs advise between one and six courses. PCAs coordinate an advising schedule with teachers, such that the advising process for a single course or workshop is completed in a six-week period (of your choosing).

Compensation + Credit
PCAs are compensated $200 per course and $100 per workshop. A graduate credit option is also available.

Hovercraft PlansHovercraft Plans
At our booth at The Celebration of Teaching and Learning Conference in New York we showcased hovercrafts used at our programs. Right click (and "Save as") for our Hovercraft Instructions.

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