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This Job Will Change Your Life

At Explo, we inspire curiosity. We breed enthusiasm, fuel passion for learning, and cultivate wonder. For us, every breath is cause for inspiration, and every idea is a challenge with which to captivate every student on campus.

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Look at the World Through Big Ideas
Imagine a program where the traditional concept of learning is turned on its head, where experiments take the place of lectures, and where failure is just another word for trying. Explo is a place where you'll spend your days surrounded by people who will inspire and challenge your worldview. Our programs will most definitely expand your notion of what learning is — and how much fun it is supposed to be.

Inspire, Teach, Lead
Exploration School is a non-profit that operates independent, academic enrichment programs for students entering grades 2-12. From our founding in 1977, we've believed that university students who are excited about their interests — and passionate about sharing them — are the perfect role models to inspire, teach, and lead our students in an amazing summer of exploration.

Every Moment is a Teaching Moment
Our faculty is involved in as many aspects of the program as our students: Faculty members teach the courses, live on the halls, chaperone the trips, coach the sports, and organize the extracurriculars. And because our staff is involved in every phase of student life, we believe that each moment can be a teaching — and learning — moment.

A Place Where You Can Create Real Magic
This summer, we will challenge you to create magic on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Explo encourages the unorthodox, expects the imaginative, and demands the inspiring.

We know you’ll transform the lives of our students. We hope the experience will transform yours, too.

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