EXPLO English Programs
EXPLO English
Ages 10 – 14

A 3-week summer English immersion program for students ages 10-14 on the campus of Wheaton College

When studying a foreign language, the younger, the better. Explo English is a fun filled 3-week residential summer program for early English language learners ages 10-14. And since true fluency happens when students understand both language and culture, at Explo, they will learn both.

Be safe. Be creative. And learn lots and lots of English.

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EXPLO English Offers:
  • Exceptional supervision
  • Staff/student ratio of 1 to 5
  • Friendly, fun, and safe environment
  • Creative and supportive teaching methods
  • Native English-speaking teachers
  • Focus on building confidence and speaking
  • Airport pickup
  • Trips, sports, activities, and excursions
  • Spending time with American children

Learning English by Doing
Explo is world-renowned for making learning interesting, fun, and hands on. We work year round on designing engaging and innovative curriculum. Learning English at Explo is not about workbooks, or lectures, or language labs. It’s about learning by doing.

Which Explo Program is Correct
For My English Language Level?

Past English language learners have taken painting classes, though they were really English classes in disguise. Others have solved crimes via CSI simulations while learning English. Still others have learned English by working as city planners building new cities. Kids love doing and making things and Explo English classes are all about doing and making.

Spend time with American students
Explo English takes place on the same campus as Explo at Wheaton so that Explo English students have the opportunity to spend time with American students and other fluent English speakers.

Our goal for Explo English students is to get them speaking English and participating in the greater Explo community, which is comprised primarily of native English speakers.

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